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Private Sessions Only | Intro Course Coming This Spring. Zoom and In-Person


Start your day with the gift of meditation and mindful instruction as you are guided through formal practice. This practice will calm the mind and body while introducing some basic concepts of the practices. No experience is required.

Join the Sangha
Mondays: Guided practice & 20-minute silent meditation
Wednesdays: Metta (Loving Kindness) Guided Meditation
Fridays: Body scan practice and 20-minute silent meditation

Show up with your camera on or off and stay as long as you can!

Common questions about Morning Meditation Sangha

Who can join the Sangha?

Everyone is welcome to join.  No previous experience is required.

Are these morning sessions formal lessons?

Karen does not consider the morning sangha a class.  However, some days there are brief teachings and tips included.  Sangha is a safe space to cultivate peace and to share the Buddha’s mindfulness teachings.

How often do I need to attend?  

You may come as few, or as many days as suits your schedule.  

Do I need to register for the Sangha?

Registration is requested for your first time attending only.  Please email to let her know you will be attending.

Can I invite people to attend?

Yes!  Everyone is welcome.  As mentioned above, registration for first attendance is requested. 

What happens if Karen can’t make it?

Rena Sky assists Karen in hosting the Sangha.  Usually, it will be on the same link, but you will be notified if it is on Rena’s zoom link. To keep up to date, it is best to receive Karen’s monthly newsletters which will provide updates or last-minute changes to Sangha participants.  You can sign up at if you are not yet receiving Karen’s emails.

Is there a fee to attend?

There is no charge to attend.  It is Karen’s privilege to hold the space for like-minded people to gather and meditate together

Is Metta (loving kindness) Meditation included?

Yes! Every Wednesday morning Karen leads a guided Metta practice. 

Do I need to stay on for the full 30 minutes?

No, you may practice according to your level or leave early if you have other plans to attend to. 

These sessions are suitable for:

  • Absolute beginners
  • You have previously studied meditation and want to refresh your practice.
  • A gentle start to your day.
  • You have been wanting to learn meditation for years but are not sure where to begin.


Send an email to, call 416-988-9266 or register below: