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Private Sessions Only | Intro Course Coming This Spring. Zoom and In-Person

Thornhill Meditation & Yin Yoga (meditation for mindful living) was founded in 2007 and is operated by Karen Kofman. It is located in Thornhill, Ontario.

Meet Karen

Karen has been certified in Meditation instruction (samatha and vipassana) by Bangkok Natural Healing Academy. In the winters of 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, Karen travelled to Thailand to study with monks and master teachers. She will be returning in February 2024 for further classes.  Her teachings are based on Buddhist principles and she continues to study under the guidance of her teacher Jess Koffman.

Karen believes that everyone has the ability to meditate. With the right teacher and regular practice, a chaotic mind can begin to see the truth and feel less stress and suffering. Karen offers private sessions in person and on zoom for those who wish to learn one on one.

As well as teaching meditation and mindfulness, Karen is certified in Hatha Yoga. She teaches Yin Yoga classes on Zoom and in her home studio. These are intimate, gentle classes that include mindfulness instruction.

Other certifications include Siam Reiki – Level 3 Master (Nov. 2017), Certified Aromatherapy (Healing Fragrances School of Aromatherapy, Sept. 2004), and Certified Foot Reflexologist (Ontario College of Reflexology, Aug. 2005).

Karen also teaches meditation individually in addition to teaching introductory courses several times a year. She has taught in educational establishments including high schools (both teachers and students), Seneca College, the Toronto Board of Education (grades 9–12), business corporations and non-profit organizations (no charge). Learn more about her Corporate Meditation and Yoga sessions, here.

Karen is on the board of The Mindfulness Society of Canada where weekly teachings are offered for free. She is also an associate instructor for the Society.

In the winters of 2020, 2022 and 2023 Karen teamed with Reiki teacher and mindfulness instructor Salima Pirani and hosted a 5-day Retreat in Costa Rica.

In January of 2021, Karen began to offer free weekly group meditations from Monday – Friday at 9:00 a.m. Everyone is welcome to join. No fee and no previous meditation experience is required.

Yin Yoga

In January 2013, Karen achieved certification in Hot Yoga. In November 2014, she became certified in Yin Yoga as a student of Tracy Soghrati.

Weekly Yin Yoga classes are offered on zoom and occasionaly at Karen’s home studio in Thornhill, ON. These classes are infused with meditation and mindfulness teachings in order for the student to bring awareness to each posture and to gain skills to become more calm and relaxed in both mind and body.