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Samatha meditation can be learned in one lesson. If it is practiced regularly it can be used as a daily regime to bring you to a relaxed state. Vipassana meditation takes longer to learn, but as it is practiced one begins to understand the truth about this practice and how it can enhance the quality of your life.

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There is no particular way that you will feel during meditation. Each day will be different and it is important not to judge the practice. Some days the mind will be very chatty or the body restless, other times it will feel more relaxed. As you become more settled with your practice, it will become easier to accept what is arising and for awareness to be streamed into your life as you become more familiar with meditation. In time you will feel more comfortable with uncertainty and more at peace.

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  • Assists the body to come to a restful state
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Decreases muscle tension and blood pressure
  • Increases energy level
  • Allows you to learn to be aware of thoughts without identifying with them
  • Assists you in becoming aware of patterns that cause us to be ‘stuck’
  • Trains the mind to revert from negative thoughts before an emotional reaction can follow
  • Helps you to become more authentic and to live in your true nature of love and light
  • Increases your ability to be more accepting to what is arising in your life and less attached to outcomes
  • Creates a greater connection to source
  • Alleviates stress
  • Increases the insight into gratitude
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Karen begins very gently to lead the students into the basics of meditation. Students learn through techniques, guided meditations and practice within the class as well as at home. The benefit of learning in a class is that one learns from the other students and is motivated by the class environment to do the ‘work’ that is involved. By the end of the four/six-week course, the student will have a foundation to use meditation in their daily life.

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Meditation coaching is for the person who prefers to learn on their own or the scheduled class times are not convenient. During these sessions, the basic principles of meditation are taught. Karen will review with the student any arising obstacles. The lesson plans are similar to the class concept however, more attention is spent on the student’s personal needs. It is best to take 4 – 6 classes to build a foundation for regular meditation practice.

Coaching is also beneficial for someone who has completed the class but would like some personal attention to help them further develop their practice.

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Meditation is most frequently practiced using a mantra or the breath. It is usually done as a daily sitting practice. Mindfulness means to see things as they truly are. It is practiced in order to gain wisdom and insight. It is knowing what is arising in the mind and body. To be the witness. With correct practice suffering is dimisnished.  It is the witnessing of what is arising in the mind and body.

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Karen’s teachings are based on Buddhist meditation and mindfulness. She gently eases the student into the practice by beginning with Samatha meditation and then introducing mindfulness practice in daily living.  Her intention is to allow learning to meditate to be an easy and enjoyable experience for anyone.

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Everyone is able to learn to meditate. It takes patience and intention to do so. It is about the willingness to see the truth of our reality. Anyone can incorporate this life-affirming practice into their daily schedules. Peace is our natural state and anyone who desires to live a more peaceful life and is open to practice can meditate.