Opening Hours

Private Sessions Only | Intro Course Coming This Spring. Zoom and In-Person

Private group talks, meditations and mindfulness lessons, and Yin Yoga sessions are available for corporate and non-profit group settings.

I am pleased to offer meditation and mindfulness talks and training sessions, as well as Yin Yoga sessions, for corporate and not-for-profit organizations. Classes can range from 45-90 minutes and be done within the timeframe and dates that work best for your organization. Apart from my full list of qualifications, I am on the board (and also an instructor) for The Mindfulness Society of Canada.

1-Hour Yin Yoga Workshop Option

I also offer a 1-hour workshop to corporate and non-profit organizations. It is titled, “Yin Yoga for After Work: Creating a Home Practice”

Learn basic yin yoga postures and sequence to practice at home after a day of sitting. No previous experience is required. This workshop will teach you how to practice yin yoga in order to receive the best benefits for the mind and body. It will include a posture guide for home practice

To set up a meditation or mindfulness lesson, a Yin Yoga session, a workshop, or a series of lessons for your group, please contact me using the form below, or email me at Please include in your message your preferred dates, the number of sessions, whether you want both meditation and yoga or just one, group size and location (or if you prefer Zoom, we can arrange for that also).