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Private Sessions Only | Intro Course Coming This Spring. Zoom and In-Person

Mindfulness can be the tool to assist you in living a more productive and peaceful life. By learning to be in full awareness of what is transpiring in the mind and body, one can shift the quality of all experiences.

Private meditation is for the person who prefers to learn on their own or the scheduled class times are not convenient.  During these sessions, the basic principles of meditation and mindfulness are taught.   The lesson plans are similar to the class concept however, more attention is spent on the student’s personal needs.  It is best to take 3 – 6 classes to build a foundation for regular practice.

Private sessions are also beneficial for someone who has completed the introduction course and would like some personal attention to help them further develop their practice.

Fees for private and semi-private sessions: 

  • One on one: $120 / 60 minutes
  • Package of 3 one-on-one: $300
  • Semi-private: $130 / 60 minutes
  • Package of 3 semi-private: $340

Lessons are currently on zoom.

Each lesson will include instruction on mindful meditation and a guided meditation suited to the needs of the student.

Please email or call 416-988-9266 to book a session.